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Case Studies


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§ Improve customer service and operational efficiencies via redesign and optimization of top 20 customer interactions for a large (>14,000 CSRs) customer support operation.


§ Business Imperative:  Documented the strategic business imperative for each interaction and rationalized against CSR level understanding

§ Interaction Types:  Identified typical flow patterns for the two broad types of customer interactions:  transactional interactions and knowledge interactions

§ Process Optimization:  Using in depth understanding of each interaction, redesigned each process flow to move key steps forward in the flow or more prominent in the user interface (UI)

§ User Interface (UI)/Interaction Design (ID):  Mapped optimized processes to appropriate user interface for each interaction type (transaction/knowledge)

§ Usability and Results Testing:  Advanced statistical analysis of end user use behavior and actual results 


§ One technical decision support tool was so improved, new hire training was reduced by one half day.  Improved logic also reduced transaction time

§ The redesign of a sales oriented transaction reduced offer error rate by 56%, offer acceptance by 60% and reduced AHT by 10%.

Case Study: DIRECTV—User Experience
Transaction Task Flow and Decision Support Tool Redesign