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Case Studies


           Case Study: Assurant
Contact Center Acquisition Review and Consolidated Operations

Text Box: Opportunity
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§ 1)  Evaluate acquisition target’s contact center capability and asses corporate valuation.  Included assessment of operational processes, technology and management talent. 

 § 2)  Understand the complexities of combining differing customer contact operational cultures, developed consolidated operations model to improve management command and control capabilities.


§ Contact Center Assessment:  Using a structured approach, visited target operations, evaluating strengths, weaknesses, exposures, opportunities and priorities for the five contact center management areas:  Customer interface, Data systems, Processes, Staff and Management controls.


§ Consolidated Operations Future-State Vision:  Developed business case and operational model for a centralized group responsible for the day to day operations of all customer interaction centers.  Established best operational practices for key processes such as workforce management, inter-center call networking, quality and training.



§ Established consistent business practices across all contact center operations.  Allowed for fair comparisons of metrics between centers and consistent customer interface regardless of where the interaction is handled.  Reduced management costs and improved levels of service through consistent operations, elimination of redundant staff positions and standard best practices. of performance and quality management programs