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Case Studies


Case Study: US Army Materials Command

Logistics Modernization Program

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New SAP logistics system rollout requiring application support.  Transform a legacy application support organization to support the new application 


Technical Infrastructure:  Expand existing PBX to include Automatic Call Distributor for basic command and control capabilities. 

  End-User Self Help:  Create end user support portal to request support and provide self help knowledge content

  Operational Excellence:  Implemented basic contact center command and control capabilities including quality, accuracy, and performance management tools and processes

  One Call Resolution Rate:  Work with application and security specialists to migrate work from high cost programmers and analysts to support center


One call resolution rate raised from 16% to 35% in five months

End user self help portal deployed with 20 self help knowledge assets and formatted e-mail

Individual performance metrics made available to management for the first time.  Enabled deployment of performance and quality management programs