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Case Studies


Case Study: eMedNY
HIPPA Preparedness Project

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B to B Medicaid billing application support.  Existing center with unknown metrics facing significant change and regulatory risk resultant from HIPAA billing changes.


Knowledge Management:  Developed and deployed extensive knowledge management and delivery capabilities.  Created formal new hire training and ongoing skills improvement process.  Proactive caller needs analysis to identify new knowledge requirements

  Operational Excellence:  Implemented basic service desk command and control capabilities including quality, accuracy, and performance management tools and processes

  Technical Infrastructure:  Increased number of telephone lines and created skills based routing plan to significantly reduce training time.

  Staffing Analysis Demand based staffing analysis, identified true demand and created staffing levels and schedules based on this metric

  Center Networking Developed call networking between two centers to handle overflow and take advantage of non-coincident traffic peaks


Information accuracy went from <50% to over 80%

Training time reduced by 50% due to skills based routing

Service level increase from 70% to >90% answered within two minutes

Improved employee moral as high performance employees identified and rewarded and employees with long term system abuse histories were identified and appropriate coaching administered