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Case Studies


Increase customer service levels while reducing costs by consolidating customer care operations from over thirty locations to six and in such a way as to standardize technology and implementation practices across the centers


Capabilities Review:  Evaluate current business requirements and determine appropriate technologies to deploy in a completely new business model

Future-State Vision:  The six consolidated call centers have robust infrastructures which can support a wide array of future CRM technologies.  Standard architecture allows quick deployment of new business processes and technologies

Business Case Development:  Based on defined vision and enabling structure, a costs/benefits analysis was conducted resulting in a seemingly paradoxical improvement in customer service statistics while reducing overall unit costs to service a growing customer base


Based upon the success of the initial build-outs, client has completed five centers and is enjoying increased command and control capabilities along with better business and cost performance.  Advanced service design ties web page to contact center outbound dialing system.  Proactive customer contact results in sales of $50,000 per hour.  Interaction comes across as customer service rather than sales.

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Contact Center Design and Deployment