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Summary:  Customer service professional with an in-depth knowledge of process re-engineering, customer service, and technology.  High achiever with a successful record in both the technical and human sides of contact center management.  Skills include:








P r o f e s s i o n a l    E x p e r i e n c e


CSC,  Houston, Texas                                                October 1998 to February 2014

Principal ConsultantService Desk/Contact Center Subject Matter Expert (SME) specializing in operational excellence, customer self-service strategies and customer intelligence.  Most recently optimized transaction flows for the top ten customer interactions for a large entertainment delivery client.  Five of these were developed into decision support tools that resulted in doubling sales offer acceptance and reduced new hire training by a full day.  Worked on projects developing “Greenfield” customer service capabilities starting from requirement definition to opening day service delivery.  Developed customer care operations from scratch for the US Army and a national hospital chain.  Managed two contact centers for the New York State Department of Health Medicare/Medicaid program.  In this capacity, deployed a broad spectrum of contact center disciplines including operational excellence, customer self service, knowledge, process and case management tools that cut wait times and abandons in half.  Have been instrumental in the development of the consulting practice’s contact “High Performance Contact Center” offering.  Expert in how CRM is best deployed and utilized in the contact center. 


Entergy,  New Orleans, Louisiana                                  March 1995 to October 1998

Manager - Customer Service Center Operations - Directed the day to day operations of six Customer Service Centers.  Developed the technical strategic direction for the centers, obtained senior management approval and funding, and implemented that plan.  Developed, implemented, and managed system wide networking, call volume forecasting, staff planning, automated reporting, skills based routing, predictive dialing and VRU system design and programming.  Responsible for all contact center related project management including the deployment of a new Customer Information System.  Managed the negotiations for the rebid of 800 services and the migration to the new vendor.  Deployed agent performance standards and worked with supervisors to gain acceptance. 


TCS Management,  Nashville, Tennessee                   February 1993 to March 1995

Consultant – Specialist in contact center management and technologies.  Consulted in over 40 centers covering multiple applications, sizes, technologies and industries.  Primary instructor for Business Communications Review’s (BCR) “Understanding ACDs and Call Center Technology.”  Expert in communication of call center issues to senior management in the vocabulary of business and share holder’s equity.  Skills include, call volume forecasting and staff scheduling, ACD technical design, MIS and ACD reporting, agent group design and intra-switch routing, voice response script design, computer telephony integration (CTI), skills based routing, host based routing and telephony, multi-center operations, network routing services, network technologies, traffic engineering, disaster recovery planning, vendor contract negotiation, and the budget process.


Text Box: E d u c a t i o n

University of Tennessee                                              University of Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee                                                       Knoxville, Tennessee

Bachelor of Science                                                         Bachelor of Science

Major: Statistics                                                                Major:  Marketing


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Planning Technology Assets

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